Viking Appliance Repair

The Beginnings of the Viking Company

vikingSometimes we all need to have Viking oven repair for our ovens. The Viking Range Corporation has a long history of making very high quality, efficient products. The founder of the Viking Range Corporation was a man named Fred Carl, Jr. He was a building contractor, but decided that he wanted to make ranges. Viking appliance repair can be necessary for these ranges.

He found that kitchens in the 1970s really needed to have more ranges that were like the ones that were found in the commercial food industry. He desired to make a range that was good looking and had stainless steel. Carl, Jr. recognized that there were many disadvantages to the types of commercial ovens that were available in terms of use in every day kinds of kitchens. These ranges got way to hot, used too much energy, and didn’t have the necessary features for safety that people would want and need in their kitchens. Even though these products are very well made, at some point even Viking appliance repair can be needed to repair a Viking oven.

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Mixing Home Stoves with Commercial

He figured that the best thing to do would be to mix the classic stove with the commercial type of range to get a machine that would really work well in kitchens. Carl, Jr. spent many years planning and designing his idea for the perfect Viking range. He wanted the range to have all the features that make the various types of ranges that he likes great. Then, he wanted to add on even more great features to his ranges.


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