DCS Appliance

DCS Appliance

dcs-appliances-logo-300x120DCS Appliances is a division of Fisher Paykel.  The Fisher and Paykel Company began in nineteen thirty-four. This company started out very small, but expanded into a much bigger company over the years. It began as a small company that designed a few different appliances. Now, the Fisher and Paykel Company makes both kitchen and laundry products. The products that they make for the laundry room are designed to be water and energy efficient.

DCS’ Parent Company History

Fisher and Paykel made the very first electronic washing machine. They also created a technology called SmartDrive, which is a direct drive motor. This product was the very first of its type. They made this technology for the first time in the early nineteen nineties. The technology is made to be very hard on dirt that’s on clothing in the machine. The Fisher and Paykel Company is full of firsts, as they made the first dryer that loads from the top.

The Fisher and Paykel Company also created AquaSmart Technology for their washing machines, which is very good for the environment because it is water efficient. It also uses less energy in its processes. These laundry washing machines are designed to be pleasing to the eye as well as very efficient. Fisher and Paykel also make modern products for home and commercial kitchens, also. The Fisher and Paykel Company created the extremely innovative DishDrawer, a unique dish washing machine that was the very first of its kind. This machine is very special and very different in the way that it is made and the way that it functions as well.

In the beginning of the year two thousand, they made a convection cooking system, which they called Aerotech. They also have the pride of being the first to make a gas through glass cooktop appliance. A gas through glass cooktop is very unique and works very differently from conventional ovens. Not finished yet being innovative, they made a refrigerator drawer. This appliance is similar to the design of the Dishdrawer. The drawer refrigerator has different temperature settings available for each of the different compartments that it has.

The Fisher and Paykel Company have become very large and have factories in four different continents. The Fisher and Paykel Company employs upwards of three thousand people in over fifty different companies.