Furnace Repair in Orange County

Furnace Repair in Orange County

There are several different types of furnaces sold for indoor and outdoor use. You can choose between an electric, wood burning, fuel oil, coal, or gas furnace. When choosing the appropriate furnace for your home you should take into consideration your home’s square footage and insulation. In order to ensure that you are continuing to save on energy costs you should purchase an energy efficient furnace that has an energy star appliance rating. Research is pertinent in determining which type of furnace would best suit your home; if you are still unsure about which furnace to purchase you should consult either a contractor or qualified HVAC technician for assistance.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to owning a furnace. Propane and natural gas furnaces are more popular. They tend to burn cleaner than fuel oil and present fewer operational difficulties. Also, they are said to be the cheapest energy form for residential furnaces. A very good feature of the gas furnace is that it has a control shutoff to prevent gas leakage. However, the control shutoff is not fail-safe and does not completely prevent gas leakage. If you should need furnace repair you should contact your local HVAC technician or manufacturer’s local service center for assistance.

What Can Go Wrong with Furnaces

At some point in time no matter which furnace you choose to purchase they all will need repair or maintenance. There are many problems that affect gas furnaces. These problems typically involve the furnace’s thermocouple, pilot light, some component of the electrical system, gas leaks, the furnace not heating, the furnace making unusual noises, the furnace producing no heat but motor is running, insufficient heating and blower operates continuously, burner won’t ignite. There are several problems that affect oil furnaces, such as soot buildup and the clogging of internal parts.

Common Fixes for Furnace Problems

Most furnace problems can typically be resolved by the owner. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace’s thermocouple and would like to investigate you should first make sure that the gas is shut off by putting the pilot setting switch to off and waiting a few minutes. After you adjust the thermocouple you can turn the gas back on. If you are unsure as to how to turn the gas back on consult your user’s manual for further instructions.

Before you call the furnace repair man there are a few more things that you should check. Make sure that the outlet is not clogged from residue or build-up. You should also check the hot surface ignition or intermittent pilot electronic ignition systems for problems.

Gas leaks are very common among gas appliances. If you begin to smell gas in your home do not turn any lights on or off this could cause serious injury. Also, you do not need to try to shut off the gas leading to the furnace. You should evacuate the home, leaving the door open behind you and call your gas company immediately for assistance. Please do not re-enter your home for any reason until the problem has been resolved by a professional.

Another common problem that may occur with your furnace is it not heating. If your furnace is not heating one thing that you should check is your thermostat to make sure that it is set correctly: If not then you can adjust the thermostat to the appropriate setting. Another thing that you should check is to make sure the main gas line is on. If the main gas line is turned off you should contact your local gas company for assistance. There is also a possibility that a fuse may be blown so be sure to check your fuses and also your circuit breaker to make sure that it has not tripped. If the circuit breaker has tripped reset it, and if the fuses are blown you should replace them.

Sometimes furnace owners experience problems with the burner not igniting. If the burner does not ignite you should call a certified furnace repair man for assistance. Also, you should make sure the blower door has not been removed or left ajar. If the blower door is open then close the door securely to restore power to the blower and gas valve. If there is a lockout then you should reset the unit by turning the power on-off-on-off twice in a 30 second interval. Lastly, you should check the natural gas or propane control valve to see if it is closed. If the valve is closed then you should open the valve back up or call a furnace repair man for assistance.

If your furnace is making unusual noises you should contact a qualified furnace repair man for assistance.

Another common problem that you may experience with your furnace is that it may be producing no heat but the motor is still running. This problem could be caused by a restricted or plugged furnace condensate drain. In order to resolve this problem you should remove the drain clamps to the condensate trap and drain the pan outlet. Next, you should flush or clean the drain for blockage. Once you have done all of the above you can reinstall the drain clamps.

If you are experiencing insufficient heating or the blower operating continuously then you should check the air filter to see if they need to be cleaned ore replaced. You should consult your user’s manual to determine how to properly clean or replace your air filter. Another thing that you should check is to make sure that neither the supply nor the return registers are blocked. There is a possibility that the registers may be blocked which will prevent the air from flowing correctly. When choosing a repair company you should make sure that they are certified and qualified to service your furnace. Furnace repair can be scheduled through a local authorized dealer, the manufacturer or a qualified HVAC technician.

Choosing a Repair Company

When choosing a repair company you can either schedule an appointment through the manufacturer. Several manufacturers have information listed on their website that will allow you to search for a local service center. Also, you could contact your local HVAC repair man for assistance with furnace repair. You can look in your local phone book or on the internet to find a repair man as well.


It is very important that you keep your furnace properly maintenance. You should consult your user’s manual to see how often the air filter needs to be changed or cleaned. Most air filters need to be cleaned or replaced at least once a month or twice a month when the system is running more. Furnace repair or replacement parts can be purchased at your local hardware store, through the manufacturer or on the internet. Make sure you consult your user’s manual to ensure that you are purchasing the correct replacement part.


Most products come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers certain parts, transportation and repairs. However, if you would like to purchase an additional warranty you may do so through the company that you purchased your furnace. You should be sure to pick a furnace with a long heat exchanger warranty. The heat exchanger is one of the most expensive parts of a furnace. Some manufacturers have a separate warranty period on the furnace heat exchange unit.