Ice Maker Repair in Orange County

Ice Maker Repair in Orange County


There are several different types of refrigerators that you can purchase. The most common are the side by side refrigerator with icemaker and refrigerator with a top freezer compartment and ice maker and bottom refrigerator. Most refrigerators last for years on hand before needing any type of maintenance. Should you need your appliance to be repaired you can attempt to repair the appliance yourself or call a certified repair man for assistance.

What Can Go Wrong with Ice Makers?

There are several problems that may occur with your ice maker. These problems typically include when the ice maker doesn’t work, the ice maker does not make enough ice or the ice is deformed, slow ice cube freezing, ice cubes have odor or taste, there are specks in ice cubes or no ice cubes are made. In most cases a service man does not need to be called for ice maker repair. Many of these problems are common and can be fixed by the owner. Ice maker repair can be performed by the owner whether they are skilled or not in this area.

Common Fixes for Ice Maker Problems

If your automatic ice maker does not work one of the first things that you should check is the feeler arm. The icemaker feeler arm should be in the down position to produce ice. If the arm is in the up position this stops the ice from being produced. You should also check to make sure that there are no ice cubes fused to the side of the ice mold preventing it from making ice. If there are ice cubes fused to the ice mold you should hold the feeler arm in the up or STOP position and remove the ice to restart the icemaker. One last thing that you should check is to make sure there are no ice cubes piled up in the storage bin. This may cause the icemaker to shut off prematurely. If there are too many ice cubes piled up in the storage bin you should level them out by hand.

Also, you should check to make sure the water supply is not turned off or disconnected. If the supply is turned off then turn it back on and if the supply is disconnected then you should re-connect it. You should also check the freezer compartment temperature. If necessary you should set it to a slightly colder temperature. You should also make sure the refrigerator to home water line is not clogged and is properly connected to the main supply. As you can see a lot of these problems are simple and most ice maker repair can be performed by you, the owner.

Sometimes It May Seem as if the Icemaker Does Not Make Enough

If your ice maker has just been turned on for the first time you will need to wait at least 24 hours until the ice production starts or the ice cube container is filled again. If your ice cubes are deformed then you should look for a knob that adjusts the size of the cubes. If this feature is not available on your refrigerator and the cubes are too small, it could mean that your maker is not receiving enough water. You should check the water line to make sure that it’s not kinked or severed and that the maker is receiving enough water to form cubes properly.

Slow Freezing Ice Cubes

If the ice cubes are slow to freeze it could mean that the freezer door has been left ajar. You should check to make sure there are no blockages preventing the door from closing properly. If there are any blockages such as food packages they should be adjusted and the door should be securely closed. Also, you should check the freezer compartment temperature. The temperature may need to be adjusted to a slightly colder temperature. If your ice cubes have an odor or bad taste don’t call a service man for ice maker repair because this issue is very common.

Bad Taste

Sometimes if the ice cubes are old they may tend to have a bad odor or taste. You should empty the storage bin every thirty days to avoid this problem. Also, you should be sure to wash your storage bin regularly. If you have any unsealed packages in your refrigerator or freezer compartments this could transmit the odor or taste to the ice cubes. Another reason why your ice cubes may have a bad taste or odor is because your refrigerator may need cleaning. A sponge and mild detergent can be used to clean your refrigerator.

Specks on Ice Cubes

Sometimes specks can be found in ice cubes. As the ice cubes begin to freeze, they form invisible particles that slowly start to become visible. The amount of specks in your ice cubes can be reduced or eliminated completely by using a water filter. If the icemaker is not making any cubes then you should first remove the storage container to check and see if the ice cubes are frozen to the feeler arm. If the ice cubes are frozen to the feeler arm they should be removed so that the icemaker can produce ice cubes. You should also check to make sure the icemaker and water supply is turned on.

Choosing a Repair Company

Ice maker repair can be performed by either he owner or a professional if necessary. You can find a repair company by browsing your local phone book. Also, you use an internet search engine to find a local repair shop. Many manufacturers have a list of qualified and certified repair service centers available based on the country, city and state that you are located in. When choosing a repair company for your appliance always check their reviews and credentials.


It is crucial that you keep your appliance maintenance regularly. You should make sure all filters are changed regularly and bulbs are changed as needed. The product user’s manual usually lists the parts that need to be maintenance regularly and how to maintenance them. When purchasing parts you need to consult your user’s manual to confirm the purchasing part number is correct. Most ice maker repair or replacement parts can be purchased through your local hardware store. They can also be purchased through the manufacturer’s website.


Manufacturer’s automatically issue a warranty with their products upon purchase. If for some reason you feel that you may need additional coverage some companies offer an extended warranty or separate warranty for purchase. However, you should read the warranty thoroughly to be clear on the types of repairs or parts are covered by the warranty. All ice maker repair and parts may not be covered by your warranty. Also, be sure to verify the time period in which the warranty covers. You should keep your product warranty information in a safe place for future reference.