Refrigerator Repair in Orange County

Refrigerator Repair in Orange County


When a refrigerator stops working, most homeowners will react quickly to the problem, especially if they have just purchased groceries for the week! In some cases, a non-working appliance does not cause a lot of additional problems, specifically when compared to a non-working refrigerator. However, when a refrigerator stops working it can cause a negative chain of events to occur.

Unfortunately, anyone that has every dealt with an extended power outage can identify with all of the problems that occur. Therefore, when the refrigerator stops working, the first thing that should be considered is preventing the food from being ruined. Frozen dinners, chicken, beef and steak can spoil quickly, especially if the freezer part of the refrigerator is off for a day or more. In some situations, the food will remain fresh if the doors of the refrigerator stay closed and the ice stays intact. On the other hand, if people open the doors continuously throughout the day, the food will defrost and the food will ruin. Hence, to keep this and other problems from occurring, the homeowner’s first step in this process is to identify the problem and then make arrangements for the food.

Simple Refrigerator Repair Problems – Do It-Yourself

When the refrigerator repair problem is simple, people normally fix it themselves, since it can save money and time. However, when the person is new to refrigerator repair problems, they may have to check online for instructions. For instance, if the refrigerator stops working completely, the do-it-yourself sites may recommend checking the power first. In some situations, someone in the home may have pulled the refrigerator out in error when they moved the refrigerator over a little bit. If the person does not catch the error that has been made, someone else will and they may think there is a problem with the refrigerator instead of a disconnected cord.

One of the best things about this specific situation is it is easy and simple to fix, since placing the cord back in the wall can solve the issue. On the other hand, if the power is off due to problems with the circuit breaker, this issue can become increasingly difficult to repair and the owner may need a professional electrician to evaluate and fix the issues before they affect other areas or appliances in the home.

Complex Refrigerator Repair Problems – Contact a Professional

When the problems are more complex, the owner of the home should contact a professional in the industry to make the necessary repairs. In fact, most professionals recommend placing their telephone numbers in their customer’s rolodex or locking the number in on their mobile phones. Even though these problems cannot be classed as critical to someone’s health, they should be placed on the urgent list because no one wants all of their food to spoil or to have to use additional funds to replace the items.

To minimize the potential problems that can occur, the owner should contact a refrigerator repair technician as quickly as they can. If the problem occurs in the middle of the night, the owner may need to call a 24/7 company to fix the issues. Prior to calling any company out to the property, the owner should do some research. This research will keep the homeowner from contacting someone that will not deal in good faith. They are more apt to overcharge the owner for the work that they perform, while also doing substandard work. By researching companies before they come to the home, the owner will not have to pay or accept an unreasonable estimate because it is urgent and the time involved means more money and ruined food.

Protecting the Food in the Refrigerator

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When the homeowner is having problems finding a reputable refrigerator repair company, there are some things that can be done to protect the food in the refrigerator. No home owner wants a total loss or to throw food out because they are afraid of getting food poisoning. To prevent this from happening, the homeowner may talk to a nearby neighbor or friend for assistance. By taking action early in the game, the homeowner will have a variety of different options to keep the food in the refrigerator from ruining. In fact, some people may choose to give the food away to a close neighbor before it spoils. Some friends, however, can store the food in their freezers until the refrigerator is repaired.

Common Refrigerator Repair Problems

  • Dirty Condenser Coils – A dirty condenser coil is a common problem for many different types of refrigerators. These problems can be irritating to the homeowner because they are erratic. When a dirty condenser coil is at the root of the problem, the homeowner and their family members can experience periods of off and on operation. On and off operation can be very irritating because it can prevent the person from identifying the problem. In some cases, a repairman will have to be called in to correct it.
  • Refrigerator Runs Continuously – In addition to dirty condenser coils, the homeowner can also have problems with the refrigerator running on a continual basis. This problem is also common and simple to fix. For instance, some people allow the frost in the refrigerator to build up over a period of time. Instead of cleaning all of the ice out periodically, it will continue to build up. This build up is one of the reasons why the refrigerator will continue to run. Therefore, to correct the problem, the owner of the home or a family should clean out all of the frost.
  • Frost not filling – If the refrigerator is not filled with frost, there is another cause for these problems and that is the door gasket is unsealed. When this occurs, there is still an easy fix and it is simply replacing the door gasket.
  • Water Leaks – Water on the floor can be very dangerous in area of the home. Therefore, when the water is leaking from the refrigerator, it should be fixed as quickly as possible. Some of the simple fixes to this problem is re-aligning the drainage pain in the proper place, replacing a damaged drain pan or unclogging the drain tube.