Miele Appliance Repair



mielie-repair-brandMiele appliances are known globally as the Mercedes Benz of home appliances.  Whether you are a homeowner that has opted for these German-manufactured appliances, or a restaurant or other business that uses the Miele line of commercial applications – when servicing is needed, it is logically best to go to the best possible MIELE appliance repair company.  As Mercedes Benz mechanics are thoroughly educated in repair and maintenance of these high profile vehicles, so are our expert Miele appliance repair technicians factory-trained in repair of Miele residential and commercial appliance product lines.

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Founded more than 114 years ago in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, Miele remains a family-owned, family-run company that follows the principle of immer besser – always better – in providing a best-in-class household product.

Master Appliance Repair, we know that you rely on your Miele appliances for ease-of-use and that you want to keep your appliances operating optimally.  Most MAR customers enjoy regular servicing of their Miele appliances through our factory-trained, expert Miele appliance repair technicians, however, even the best manufactured appliance is sometimes subject to repair.

  • Miele dishwasher repair
  • Miele refrigerator service
  • Miele dryer repair
  • Miele oven repairs
  • Miele cooktop service
  • Miele washer repair

Master Appliance Repair services the entire line of Miele refrigeration systems including Miele dishwashers, Miele refrigerators, Miele freezers, Miele refrigerator-freezers and Miele wine storage.

If you own an Miele cooking product, know that Master Appliance Repair is factory-trained in service, installation and troubleshooting of Miele ovens, Miele warming drawers, Miele steam ovens, Miele speed ovens, Miele lift doors, Miele combisets, Miele ventilation hoods, Miele cooktops and Miele combi-steam ovens.

Homeowners who have chosen to go with a Miele laundry system can look to MAR for expert appliance repair of Miele washing machines, Miele tumble dryers and rotary irons.

To improve Miele appliance service turn-around times, our technicians stock Miele parts.  Master Appliance Repair equates servicing of your Miele appliance to the level of personal attention and quality of care provided by dealerships to Mercedes Benz car owners.  If you have invested in a Miele appliance, you expect A-class service from your Miele appliance repair technicians.

When troubleshooting or servicing your Miele residential or commercial appliance, Master Appliance Repair guarantees effective Miele appliance repair with every visit.  MAR service vehicles are equipped with technical diagnostic tools; highest-quality standard replacement parts; Miele-specific inventory and the expertise and experience to ensure that your Miele appliances are always working optimally.  Our parts and service are always 100% guaranteed.

Many households mix and match appliances.  If this is true in the case of your household, as well, know that Master Appliance Repair is factory-trained in all major brands and provides no-cost troubleshooting of all major household appliances.  MAR extends special incentives to customers who schedule regular appliance maintenance, brand(s) notwithstanding.

To ensure prompt Miele appliance service, Master Appliance Repair has local technicians available 24/7 to service your appliances throughout Los  Angeles,  with same-day service in most areas.  We stock most Miele appliance parts, if a special part is needed, our office will typically be able to have the needed special part delivered overnight for next-day installation.

Our expert appliance technicians are thoroughly experienced in repair of the Miele line of appliances.

MAR knows that homeowners always have a choice in selecting Miele appliance repair technician which is why we make it easy for you to join the ever growing family of our customers of long duration. To schedule an emergency repair or appliance maintenance, please  make an online request or call (714)716-5900 for immediate attention.