DACOR Appliance

DACOR Appliance

Logo-DACOR tagline KDacor has been successful in the kitchen appliance industry for three generations. It is a family owned business that has been designing luxury kitchen appliances for all this time. This is a business that provides a full line of innovative designs that appeals to a luxury target market. The products that they provide are available via a network of approximately 1,500 retail locations. The market that they are currently promoting and targeting their advertisement campaigns to is a specific audience. The company offers their luxurious appliances to consumers in select countries around the world including North America.

History of Dacor

The products that Dacor has introduced is responsible for revolutionizing the industry, since they have been credited with many kitchen appliances innovations. The changes and enhancements that they made in kitchen appliances have made a substantial impact. For instance, homeowners have the ability to use the 30″ PureConvection oven. The pure convection can be described as a built-in Wall Oven that’s self-cleaning. It was released to consumers in 1987. Due to this innovative invention, Dacor’s oven has been increasingly popular over the year and it has been a staple in the appliance industry. Another popular appliance industry first is the first cooktop. This product was designed with a professional range in mind and it has been designed with continuous grates sealed burners. Currently, Dacor continues to set benchmarks, since they lead others in advanced product engineering and establishing product designs.

Hallmarks of the Organization

Being a design-focused company, their work sets them apart from other top competitors in the industry. Even though these new innovations are taking a front seat, the initial foundation of the company is still the hallmark of the appliances that they develop and manufacture. Therefore, the designs that these employees make are all about the performance, style, service, innovation and craftsmanship. Dacor has also received numerous awards over the years including the 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award. This award was presented to Dacor for a variety of different products including 36″ Distinctive Gas Cooktop, the platinum ADEX along with multiple products. With their high design standards, Dacor’s primary goal is to offer unmatched services to every customer that they meet.