Trash Compactor Repair

Trash compactor repair is one of the most common repairs that repairmen have to do. These repairs are one of the easiest ones to do because a trash compactor only has one function. and that is to smash the trash. However, there are many different types of trash compactors. There are trash compactors that are made for residential use and some that are made for professional use.

Trash Compactor Drawer Stuck Closed

The most common problem with all trash compactors is that the drawer that you put your trash in will get stuck in the closed position. This is a quick trash compactor repair for the repair man. Customers that were complaining that their trash compactor was stuck in the closed position simply fixed the latch, and they have worked well ever since. To get the compactor open, you need to unplug the appliance first. Take a butter knife or something similar and stick it in the crease of the top of the compactor where it opens to pry open the latch. Sometimes your trash compactor latch will be broken; in this case you will need to replace the whole latch. Once you get the trash compactor open, spray it with any oil substance to grease up the latch so it does not stick anymore. While you are greasing the latch you need to make sure that it is screwed in all the way, because a latch that is not screwed in all the way could get broken very easily.

Odor Problems

Another common problem that does not require you to call someone for trash compactor repair is the odor that the trash compactor contains. The smell of the trash compactor when it is open is strong enough to fill your whole kitchen area if you do not clean it properly. To clean your trash compactor you must use disinfectant spray and hot water to get rid of all the living and non-living bacteria that the trash has left behind.

Problems with the Power

Some people who own trash compactors have problems with the power working. When they have stopped the trash compactor in the down position, they have a hard time turning the trash compactor back on. For this problem it is recommended that you call someone with trash compactor repair experience. Some trash compactor customers have said that they tried re-wiring the whole trash compactor, only to find out that they did it wrong and needed to throw away the trash compactor.

Trash Compactor Warranties

Most trash compactors have a warranty. If you buy a trash compactor new you should always invest the couple of dollars in the warranty just in case something were to happen. Warranties on trash compactors can vary between one and ten years, it depends on what the brand of your appliance offers. Having a warranty will help save you some money because if there is a problem with the device during the warranty period the manufacturer will pay for your trash compactor repair or give you a new trash compactor.

Safety Concerns

If you have a trash compactor in your home, you will need to make sure that when you are putting trash in it to be smashed that you are not putting in anything that could explode. People who have put a can of hair spray in their trash compactor have had the drawer fly open and hit them. You also need to make sure that if you are going to be smashing trash that there is a trash bag in the compartment the trash goes, otherwise smashing your everyday trash could end up in a big mess.

Professional Trash Compactor Repair

Trash compactor repair is different for residential and professional trash compactors. Professional trash compactors are extremely large and have more parts than a residential trash compactor. Professional trash compactors may need to be repaired by someone experienced with trash compactor repairs, or someone who has specialized knowledge. If you are going to call someone to get your trash compactor repaired you should always do as much research on the company as possible. Choosing a repair company can be a long and hard process, but you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the repair person coming into your home long enough to fix your appliance. You should also ask just to make sure that the repair man is experienced in trash compactor repair.

DIY Trash Compactor Repair

If you think you can do the repair to your trash compactor you self, you may be able to, as long as it is a minor issue. Some solutions to the major problems include buying and replacing brand new parts. If you treat your trash compactor good, and always use new parts when you are replacing something it will last for a long time. You need to make sure that everything is running properly after you replace parts just to make sure that everything is working how it is supposed to so you do not have to call another repairman.

Another obvious solution is to call a repair man that has trash compactor repair knowledge and explain to them what is going on and set up an appointment to meet them for repair your appliance. If the repair man thinks that your trash compactor only needs a minor repair that anyone can do, they may just walk you through the steps of fixing your appliance.

Trash compactor repairs are usually fairly simple and you can usually find how-to videos online. If you do use an online video to help fix your appliance, you need to make sure that you watch the video or read instructions a few times before you actually start working on your own trash compactor.

When working on a trash compactor you also need to make sure that all electricity is turned off that is connected to the trash compactor, just so you do not get shocked, or accidentally get hurt by one of the moving parts in the machine.